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Rebekah Steely Brooker Publishes in Texas Bar Practice Blog, Urging Bar Members to Designate a Custodian Attorney

By July 24, 2023News & Events

Scheef & Stone estate planning and probate attorney Rebekah Steely Brooker, a member of the Law Practice Management Committee and Vice Chair-elect, and co-author John Meredith, Vice Chair of the State Bar of Texas Law Practice Management Committee, delve into the issue of practice management and planning ahead, particularly in the event of disability, impairment, incapacity, or death, in their article “Succession Planning: A Day to Designate Your Custodian Attorney,” published in the Texas Bar Practice Blog. The designation of a custodian attorney, they explain, is a critical aspect of law practice management and succession planning. In fact, the State Bar President inaugurated June 21, 2023, as the first annual Designate a Custodian Day, to raise awareness of the protections a lawyer should have in place in the event that an emergency prohibits the lawyer from being able to practice. The authors note that the appointment of a custodian attorney serves to protect not only their clients’ matters but also the lawyers’ own professional reputations. The authors recommend that in addition to designating a custodian attorney, members of the Bar pass on the favor by serving as a custodian for another attorney or attorneys. To learn more about the purpose and obligations of those chosen for this role, read the full article here.