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Attorneys in the Healthcare Practice area at Scheef & Stone, LLP represent many sectors across the industry, including hospital systems, Accountable Care Organizations, physicians’ practices, insurance companies, and other healthcare-related entities. We rely on decades of industry-specific experience to help our clients adapt and transform to address economic challenges and new regulatory requirements.

We understand the abundance of regulations affecting healthcare professionals and the subsequent scrutiny.  We partner our regulatory knowledge with our corporate transactional experience to assist healthcare professionals navigate establishing their business such as contract drafting and negotiation, practice acquisition, and physician employment agreements.   In order to help give our clients peace of mind and ensure the process to progresses efficiently and effectively, we listen closely to their objectives and educate them on the course of action taken to reach their objectives.   Our Healthcare attorneys are skilled negotiators and work to limit potential problems and unintended ramifications.  Mergers and Acquisitions can be complex due to state and federal regulations governing the healthcare industry.  Our attorneys carefully structure the transaction so that the deal accomplishes our clients’ short term and long term goals while minimizing their exposure to risks.

How we serve your needs related to healthcare:

  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation
  • Managed Care
  • Physician Employment Agreements
  • Practice Acquisition
  • Regulatory Transaction Structure

Let our healthcare attorneys serve you: