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Our experienced appellate attorneys have filed briefs in numerous state and federal courts of appeals, including the Supreme Court of Texas and Supreme Court of the United States, and presented arguments in courts across the country. The lawyers in our appellate practice group possess knowledge enabling them to provide legal support to litigation attorneys at trial and ensure any proceeding is conducted according to the applicable law and rules. After trial, our attorneys guide clients and counsel through the complex appellate process, including preparing briefs and presenting oral arguments to appellate courts.

Appellate attorneys focus on important legal issues and keep abreast of changes to the law in order to provide up-to-date strategic advice to clients and litigators, and provide litigation support during trial court proceedings, including preserving errors at trial in the event of an appeal. Our attorneys prepare legal briefs on complex motions and responses, including expert issues, summary judgment, pre-trial filings, jury charge practice, and post-trial and post-judgment motions. After trial, appellate counsel decides which issues are most likely to be successful, researches applicable law, prepares and files briefs, and presents oral arguments before the courts of appeals.

With a wide range of knowledge across many areas of law, our appellate practice group is well-positioned to provide clients and counsel with advice regarding legal strategy, trial support, and positive appellate resolutions.

How we serve your appellate needs:

  • State and Federal Appeals

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