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The attorneys at Scheef & Stone, LLP help our clients in navigating the increasingly complex landscape of corporate and partnership taxation. Our attorneys provide significant experience regarding these issues, and offer practical structures and solutions to help minimize the tax impact of business operations and transactions. Corporate mergers and acquisitions, S-corporations, partnership debt allocations, profits interests and corporate stock awards, each present unique considerations which must be addressed when moving forward with any business venture. Our attorneys actively seek out creative solutions and structures to help our clients maximize their business objectives while minimizing their tax burden.

Federal taxation impacts each and every aspect of our clients’ personal and business worlds, and the attorneys at Scheef & Stone, LLP provide comprehensive experience regarding the wide range of the tax issues that confront our clients. Our attorneys help clients to structure their business and personal affairs to minimize the impact of federal income taxes, be it in the industries of service, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, investment, real estate and other areas.

The Texas franchise/margin tax presents unique issues for every business, corporation or other entity which does business in Texas, and the attorneys at Scheef & Stone, LLP present our clients with workable solutions and tax minimization strategies designed specifically for these unique challenges. From organizing efficient compliance to structuring for “passive entity” exemptions to qualifying for industry-specific benefits, our attorneys are prepared to help position our clients to minimize the impact of the Texas franchise/margin tax.

How we serve your taxation needs:

  • Corporate & Partnership Taxation
  • Federal Taxation
  • Franchise Taxation
  • International Tax Planning
  • Property Tax Disputes
  • State & Local Taxation

Let our taxation attorneys serve you: