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Scheef & Stone’s Founding Partners Roll Off Executive Committee and Challenge the Next Generation to Take the Reins

By August 24, 2023News & Events

Scheef and Stone FoundersIn an exciting move that marks a transformative chapter in Scheef & Stone’s history, Founding members, John Scheef, Bill Stone, and Kelly Crawford have announced their decision to step down from the firm’s Executive Committee – each rolling off at different intervals over the next several months. This strategic transition, meticulously planned over the course of several years, comes as a visionary step forward, positioning the firm for unparalleled growth and expansion while fostering an environment of proactive leadership opportunities for the next generation.

John, Bill, and Kelly have been the driving force behind Scheef & Stone’s success since its inception. Leaving behind illustrious careers in Big Law, they took a bold step to establish this firm with a mission to challenge the status quo, offer innovative legal solutions, and advocate for their clients. Now, as they stand on the precipice of another exciting phase, they are determined not to rest on past accomplishments but to embrace the future with open arms. While they are relinquishing their formal positions on the committee, their commitment to the firm remains resolute. The founding partners will continue to play an active and influential role within the organization, channeling their experience and expertise toward the advancement of the firm’s goals.

“We began this journey with a vision of creating a firm that stands for integrity, inclusivity, and dynamic legal representation,” John Scheef stated. “As we step down from the Executive Committee, our commitment to these values remains steadfast. We have always believed in empowering the next generation to lead, and now it’s time to turn that belief into action.”

Bill Stone added, “We want to avoid being stagnant or resistant to change, like some of the old guard we fought against in Big Law. Our departure from the Executive Committee is an opportunity to foster fresh perspectives and ideas, ensuring our firm remains at the forefront of the legal landscape.”

Emphasizing their confidence in the incoming Executive Committee, Kelly Crawford expressed, “The next generation of leaders within our firm has proven their capabilities time and again. They have exhibited unwavering dedication and a passion for client service. We are excited to witness the growth and success they will undoubtedly bring to the table.”

Remaining steadfast in alignment with the firm’s vision and mission, the continued service of Matt Bracy, Rebekah Brooker, Mitch Little, and Richard Wallace on the Executive Committee stands as a testament to their commitment to the firm. They will carry on the legacy of their predecessors while charting new paths to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing legal landscape.

The transition to the next Executive Committee comes with an optimism that aligns with the firm’s core values. It represents a devotion to excellence, innovation, and maintaining an advanced approach to the practice of law.

As Scheef & Stone looks to the future, it reaffirms its mission to provide exceptional legal counsel, powered by fresh perspectives and staunch dedication to both their clients and staff. It remains committed to being a beacon of positive change in the legal community and to making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those it serves.

“We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to John Scheef, Bill Stone, and Kelly Crawford for their visionary leadership and dedication to our firm,” said Rebekah Steely Brooker. Matt Bracy added, “They have been instrumental in shaping our growth, success, and culture over the past three decades.”

“As we look toward the future, we are excited about the opportunities that this transition presents,” said Richard Wallace. “The founding partners will continue to collaborate with our team, contributing their insights to pivotal projects and providing mentorship to guide our evolving strategies.” Mitch Little agreed and added, “The future ahead is bright at Scheef & Stone!”