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As our country grapples with the effects of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, businesses and individuals are facing unprecedented times. Scheef & Stone’s attorneys remain steadfast in our commitment to provide solid legal counsel to assist clients maneuvering through these challenging and rapidly changing circumstances.

The measures taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have dealt a devastating blow to businesses around the globe as they manage new and uninvited adversities. Our attorneys are equipped with the necessary skills and industry knowledge to help companies navigate these unique challenges and advise clients on proactive steps to protect their businesses across various industries and economic sectors. This is a precarious time for all, and Scheef & Stone attorneys will help guide clients with high-quality legal counsel by providing comprehensive and strategic solutions to address complex problems and disputes.

Common issues related to this pandemic that Scheef & Stone has been actively counseling its clients include:

  • How to phase businesses back into full operation as quarantine restrictions are relaxed/lifted
  • Strategizing Workers Comp or CGL Insurance coverage for employee claims involving COVID-19 exposure
  • Whether particular quarantine orders apply to their businesses, employees, and households
  • If exemptions exist, how to operate under the exemptions
  • Whether performance under certain agreements is excused due to the current situation
  • SBA loans, CARES ACT relief, and other financial and tax assistance
  • Possible business interruption and civil authority insurance claims relief

Attorneys at Scheef & Stone are closely monitoring local, state, and federal orders as well as stimulus options available for businesses impacted by the pandemic.  This is an ever-changing and evolving situation, and we remain dedicated to be a resource to our community while we manage the crisis and find our new “normal.”  Our attorneys are equipped with the necessary skills and industry knowledge to help businesses through this crisis.

COVID-19 Response Center